Burden or Blessing

For many a year (most of my life – in all truth) I had the mindset that if there was something I absolutely needed to do or had to do, then it was a burden; a chore; an unpleasant tax on my time.

Why? Simple. I was being selfish and self-centered. I could only see things as how they affected me. I gave little-to-no-thought as to how others might be affected if I failed to do what was needed or if I did it begrudgingly (and nearly always making sure others knew how “put-out” I felt about it).

Today, whenever that old feeling wants to resurrect itself, I immediately nip it in the bud and redirect my thinking. Why? Simple. Today, it is not about me. That is to say, today I consider it a blessing and an opportunity to get out of myself and be of service to others. In so doing, I reap the great reward of seeing the good that is accomplished for others. I get to see their smiling faces and hear their kind words of appreciation. And even if they are having a bad day and they don’t happen to be smiling or offering any kind words, I get the joy of knowing that I am honoring God and bringing glory to him; I get to make him smile.

And the icing on the cake? I get to thank God for making himself known to me and rescuing me from the hell I was living (dying) in. Today I get to please God instead of myself, which brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Thank you, Father, for loving me when I was so unlovable. Thank you Jesus, for making my redemption possible. Thank you Holy Spirit, for the wonderful work you are doing in me.

All praise, glory and honor to the Lord God Almighty.


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