Where will you go when you die?

Sharing an article written by a fellow believer in Christ, as it applies to the New-Age spiritual nonsense that is prevalent in society as a whole and in 12-Step recovery in particular.

I’m sure I’m going to make some people uncomfortable and perhaps even angry at me. Still others will think I’m crazy when they read what I have to say, but it’s the truth!

A person can get sober after being an addict, a person can do great things to help others, a person can just be a good person in general; but if they do not have Jesus Christ, they will go to hell sober, they will go to hell doing great things and they will go to hell being a good person. It’s only by the Grace of God that you are saved and not by works. You cannot get into Heaven just on being a good person. The only way is through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Author: Karl D Rhoads

I am a Married, Forgiven, Imperfect Follower of Christ. I am a recovered alcoholic (since July 12, 1999) and an ordained minister of the Gospel of Christ (since July 6, 2002). I have been saved from the grave (more then a few times) by the loving hand of the God and Father of our Lord, Christ Jesus. My heart's desire is to meet the needs of others with the love of Christ as he directs and enables me to do so.

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