Simple Reminders

Good Things to Keep In Mind…

The most destructive habit…. WORRY

The most effective sleeping pill… PEACE OF MIND

The most prized possession… INTEGRITY

The most worthless emotion… SELF-PITY

The greatest joy… GIVING

The most satisfying work… HELPING OTHERS

The most contagious spirit… ENTHUSIASM

The greatest loss… LOSS OF SELF-RESPECT

The most dangerous words… GOSSIP

The most endangered species… DEDICATED LEADERS

The most beautiful attire… A SMILE

The greatest power in life… HOPE

 The most powerful channel of communication… PRAYER

Author: Karl D Rhoads

I am a Married, Forgiven, Imperfect Follower of Christ. I am a recovered alcoholic (since July 12, 1999) and an ordained minister of the Gospel of Christ (since July 6, 2002). I have been saved from the grave (more then a few times) by the loving hand of the God and Father of our Lord, Christ Jesus. My heart's desire is to meet the needs of others with the love of Christ as he directs and enables me to do so.

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