Here is a great analogy of Addiction from A Blooming Scribe

The nature of our addictions is as powerful as it is mysterious. One person may experience a complete loss of control over their lives, while another can experience addiction much like a fad; fleeting and without lasting impressions. Some like to debate if addiction is a disease. The word disease in and of itself means not at ease, or in the simplest of terms, uncomfortable. Addiction is how a person escapes a seemingly uncomfortable life. A fail-safe when boredom sinks in and says “Hey, I know what to do.” It is a habitual behavior that becomes unchallenged, forming a lifestyle that perpetuates itself. Addiction is comfort.



Author: Karl D Rhoads

I am a Married, Forgiven, Imperfect Follower of Christ. I am a recovered alcoholic (since July 12, 1999) and an ordained minister of the Gospel of Christ (since July 6, 2002). I have been saved from the grave (more then a few times) by the loving hand of the God and Father of our Lord, Christ Jesus. My heart's desire is to meet the needs of others with the love of Christ as he directs and enables me to do so.

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