So Long, Dear Friend

Beginning November 3, 2018, will no longer be hosted on

There are two reasons for this announcement ;

  1. The core of WordPress 5.0 will change dramatically, forsaking the classic TinyMCE editor with the new text block editor, Gutenberg.
  2. The cost of the Premium hosting plan

I have used text block editors in the past and they are extremely difficult and tedious to work with. The new Gutenberg text block editor is no different. I initially chose WordPress because I like the way it worked. Now that it will no longer work the way I like, there is no reason for me to continue using WordPress.


There is an old adage that states; “You get what you pay for.”

I LIKE the cost and security that hosting offers — VERY MUCH! But now that I am retired and have a very limited financial income, I can no longer afford the expense of Internet hosting. Cheap hosting is insecure and limited. I’ve been down that road before and it is a major headache trying to maintain website security and integrity. I am unwilling to go down that road again.

When you go cheap, you get cheap. When you go premium, you get premium. Premium hosting removes the work and worry regarding Internet hosting security and maintenance. I can no longer afford premium hosting. Premium was successfully cancelled. It will be available for use until it expires on November 3, 2018.

It should remain accessible at HOWEVER, I cannot say for how long they will keep it on the server, due to the core changes to the program in version 5.0. If it does remain accessible, it will no longer be ad free and the premium theme(s) will no longer be available. This will affect the appearance and functionality of this blog. Additionally, I will no longer be adding new content, due to the removal of the classic text editor in favor of the new block text editor.

Sorry to break the news to you like this on such short notice, but I was waiting to see if WordPress was really going to completely abandon the classic editor. While it will be phased out over time and not immediately, the fact that the new editor changes the core of the WordPress program, means that the classic theme options and features will no longer function properly and/or be supported.

Thank you for your support over the years. It has truly been a joy, privilege, and honor to share my heart and faith with everyone.

You can still follow me on Facebook and Twitter, but those options are limited in scope and function, because they are ad supported.

Take care and may God bless you and yours, now and forever more.

Karl D Rhoads


Author: Karl D Rhoads

I am a Married, Forgiven, Imperfect Follower of Christ. I am a recovered alcoholic (since July 12, 1999) and an ordained minister of the Gospel of Christ (since July 6, 2002). I have been saved from the grave (more then a few times) by the loving hand of the God and Father of our Lord, Christ Jesus. My heart's desire is to meet the needs of others with the love of Christ as he directs and enables me to do so.

6 thoughts on “So Long, Dear Friend”

  1. Hi Karl, I understand the reasons you give for closing down your website but I’m curious why you still can’t achieve the goals you have stated with the free version of WordPress. I have used the Premium version in the past when I was employed in the IT industry and currently I use the free version for my Christian Apologetics blog. Personally I think the free version as actually easier to use. You do know that you are able to export your web content out of your current premium account and import it into a free WordPress account. True there is advertising inserted at the bottom of each post but the intrusion is actually minimal. I’m not an expert at WordPress but I have been able to achieve the vast majority of the web site design objectives that I wanted via the free option. And the editor on the free version is actually quite easy to use. You can set up the free version to auto post your posts from WordPress into your Twitter account and Facebook can also be used in the same manner but the posts do now have to be added by a link insert in Facebook. Again, this is relatively easy. If there is a particular function or feature that you need help with I can assist you by showing you the steps if you would like.

    And, of course, the free version incurs no cost. Plus there is a free app that affords me the flexibility to monitor and reply to posts via my mobile device. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them. Grace and blessings my friend.


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Bruce.

      This blog will revert back to the free version on November 3rd, as is stated in the original post. Additionally, as I stated in the original post, I will not be continuing to make new posts due to the change in the text editor from the classic text editor to the new block-text editor.

      Go back to my original post and click on the Gutenberg link. Then click on some of the video references to see how complicated and tedious the new block-text editor will be. Also see my post; “Just Say No to Gutenberg“. That is the main reason I’m walking away from WordPress.

      My apologies if I failed to make myself clear in the original post.


  2. Karl, I “liked” the post only in that that is the option available for saying I read it and feel a response to it. I was unaware of the proposed changes. They will impact me, as well. We’ll see where it goes. Certainly, I have enjoyed the thoughtful pieces you post and the personal contact we’ve made. God bless. Ward

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  3. Perhaps I spoke too soon…

    An article over on states;

    During the 2017 State of the Word address, Matt Mullenweg announced the availability of the Classic Editor plugin for site owners who are not ready to adopt Gutenberg when it makes its debut in WordPress 5.0. Since its release, the community has speculated about what the plugin’s active installation numbers mean and how long it will be supported.
    SOURCE: WordPress to Support Classic Editor for “Many Years to Come,” Plugin and Theme Markets Expected to Drive Gutenberg Adoption.

    That sounds like good news until one reads a little farther along in the article…

    “The truth is, if you are a plugin or theme developer, people are going to expect things in Gutenberg, so you really need to develop for Gutenberg,” Mullenweg said. “And then, at some point, I’m totally ok if you drop support for the Classic [Editor]. There will be themes and plugins that will say you need to have Gutenberg, [WP] 5.0 or newer if you want to use this.

    That seems to run counter intuitive to his earlier remark…

    “I love that people are using the Classic Editor plugin!” Mullenweg said in comment on a recent post. “There is an infinite number of ways that WP can be used and not all will be ready for Gutenberg when 5.0 is released, Classic allows people to still be able to update core and stay current with releases, and with the click of a button try out Gutenberg again in the future if they want to. It’s also trivial to maintain because Gutenberg also uses TinyMCE, so Classic Editor users will still get improvements and updates to TinyMCE — I won’t say ‘forever’ but I don’t see any reason why we can’t maintain classic for the edit screen for many years to come.”

    I guess ‘time will tell’ which ends up being the case. I just wish I could get a definitive statement from as to how long they are planning on keeping and supporting the classic editor option. If I could be assured that they do plan on keeping it available for the long haul, I would reconsider sticking with The most definitive answer they are currently willing to give is; “Eventually Gutenberg on will become opt-out rather than opt-in, but details around that are still being discussed internally.

    One can only hope, I guess.


  4. Seems I’m not alone on my dislike for text-block editors and the changing of the core of WP editor to Gutenberg.


    Meet ClassicPress
    The WordPress you know and love, without Gutenberg (and an exciting future!)
    Version 1 of ClassicPress will be a Gutenberg free experience of WordPress, compatible with your existing site. Version 2 will be community led – features will be brought up and voted for by the community. If you always wanted to have a say but felt your voice was never heard NOW is your chance to make ClassicPress your CMS!

    About ClassicPress
    The concept of ClassicPress was launched by Scott Bowler on August 18th 2018. Within a week word had spread around the globe and people started to volunteer to help change ClassicPress from a simple idea to a reality. The evolution of ClassicPress has been phenomenal – we went from zero to a team of 15+ volunteers in a matter of weeks.

    ClassicPress styles itself as a community-led fork of the WordPress content management system. We want to get back to basics and focus on open dialogue and democratic decisions. To learn more, view our mission statement.

    WordPress Gutenberg — the $500 MILLION cost to business (


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