Storms and Earthquakes

“Good night everyone.  Make sure to keep those affected by storms and earthquakes in your prayers.” — William Hemsworth‏ @theology4u

September 21, 2017 – This month the world has witnessed all sorts of storms, flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes. It is right and natural that we turn to our Creator seeking His guidance and comfort toward everyone affected by these cataclysmic events – be they those who were directly affected by these events or those who are indirectly affected; such as friends, family, first responders, aid workers, clean-up crews, and the various agencies providing aid and assistance.

It is good and proper that our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected by such events, but is it not just as good and proper to also keep others in prayer on a regular basis? There are many people going through extreme hardships and circumstances in their lives, on a daily, global basis. Just because we are not aware of them because their situation didn’t make the headlines, doesn’t mean they do not need (or deserve) the same special, prayerful consideration as those we are aware of.

“There are no atheists in foxholes.”

If it hasn’t happened already, there will come a time in your life, when you will find yourself in the middle of a situation that you would want others to cover in prayer. Rest assured that there are those who do pray for the welfare of others. In fact, it is most likely that someone (you may or may not know) has covered you in prayer — perhaps even prior to your birth!

There are those who do practice praying for people they do not know. Do you know and/or understand why? If you have come to know and understand the Salvation that God offers through faith in Christ, then you may also practice praying for people you do not know.

You see, the more we come to realize how much we have been forgiven (and at what cost!), the more grateful we are, and the more concerned we are about the welfare of others – even those whom we do not know. For we have become ONE WITH THE SON, as He is ONE WITH THE FATHER; and in that UNITY, we deeply and sincerely care about the physical and spiritual welfare of ALL mankind.

The heart of those who have been rescued by the loving hand of the Good Shepherd, are no longer focused solely on their personal needs, but are outwardly focused on the needs of others.

To minister to others is to SERVE others; to meet their needs, both temporal and spiritual. Therefore, true ministry is to meet the needs of others with the same love and compassion that Christ has for us – regardless of who they are, what they have done, or what they believe. Jesus made this consummately clear, not only by the words he spoke, but by the life he lived and the death he endured at the hands of those he came to save.


Who Is My Neighbor? – Luke 10:25-37
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